“I wana take a picture of mine” multiplied by 934,757,321 times.

Technology makes people do crazy things. Unnecessary things. Things that they didn’t even know they liked to do had it not been for the multi-featured high-end smartypants device in the palm of their hands. Me, for example. Before you think I’m one of the oldies, uninterested in gadgetry, I would like to mention that this blog is being typed out on one of these smarter-than-Einstein devices. Okay, no one’s smarter than Einstein, pardon me. But I had no idea I would like consolidating my thoughts on a blog through my phone until I realized there is an app available for it. I love it now! The gamut of features on hand-held devices today never ceases to surprise me. I use a smart phone like I use soap-daily and vigorously. My phone one day might literally wear out like soap due to the excess wear-and-tear my usage causes it. And I’m sure that’s not only my story.

When you talk about features in a smart phone, how can Internet access be ignored, which is cheaper and more easily available than food, clothing and shelter in a Third World country (I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’m allowed to use this term. I’ll risk it). You literally have the world in the palm of your hands(major,major cliche, i know). Any and every goddamn information is available on your phone. Forget about retrieving information, uploading and sharing is what has taken front seat like last-minute ticket buyers at a run-down cinema hall. Facebook’s daily updates run into trillions of bytes, out of which most is redundant, useless, indecipherable crap that people think are worth sharing. Before you kick me, I’m also included in the “people”. We cannot help the urge to share, share, share because we live in times when sharing what you did and hence prooving to the world you did it, is more important than laying back and actually enjoying your accomplishment all for yourself.

So I’ve noticed everyone who owns a smart phone (okay, I’m tired of calling it a smart phone, now onwards, please refer to it as Baby), has a favorite feature to which they’re so addicted that they wouldn’t mind even if it causes brain cancer-the app/feature should just be the most up-to-date version, and the world is a better place for them. For me, it’s the photo-editing applications. I cannot, and actually, will not, upload a picture on a public forum without editing, no matter how minor. My eye can discern the difference, and I love how even minor editing (depending on the lighting and what not in the original photo) gives so much depth and life to a photograph. Okay so here I go ranting and raving about post-processing. As proof, I have five photo-editing applications installed on my Baby, and I use all of them simultaneously because it gives me infinite permutation and combination options to edit a photo(and no, I don’t use Instagram).

Thing is, I did not know, before I had a Baby(okay, poor choice of words) that I would like photo editing so much. And I’m sure there are people who are stuck to a particular feature like a leech sucking blood. Specifically, I talk about people who only take their own photos. Now that doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well if it doesn’t to you, you’re the one I’m probably writing this blog about. There are a trillion more things in this world to take a picture of and share, but no. These people, will constantly take only their own photos and upload on a public forum as if they’re doing everyone in their friend list a favor by showcasing the various angles, pimples, warts, facial hair on their face. Get a life. Look outside. See that colourful plastic bottle on the road? That is a much more interesting view than seeing your face 934,757,321 times and has major potential to become a point of quality conversation on a public forum.


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